Andrew Fairbank

Help me make a difference in our community while becoming a better rower!

Why you should support me:

Front view of Andrew at the catch of the rowing stroke on an ergometer.  He is wearing a navy blue hoodie with white strings at the neck and his light purple MJC branded face mask.

I am in the 9th grade, and other than rowing, I enjoy flying planes with Civil Air Patrol, volunteer work, physical fitness, and hanging with my friends/family. I’ve been rowing for almost two years, I was on the development team for 1 year before switching to the competitive team. The only thing I regret, is not joining the competitive team sooner! This spring break, we’re going on a trip down to Waco, TX for rowing camp, and we all need help! If you would like to sponsor me during Row for Humanity, any donations would be appreciated. The money earned from this will help offset the cost of this trip, with 25% of all proceeds going directly to Flint Hills Breadbasket. Please click below and make your donation now! 

How to Help

There are two ways to help me raise funds for our local charity and for my spring break training camp:

Option 1: Make a pledge per 100m…

Fill out this form to pledge an amount of money based on how far I can row in one hour on Saturday 26 February!

Most pledges are between $0.10 and $1.00 per 100 meters since rowers average 12,000 and 16,000 meters in an hour-of-power.

Example: If you pledge $0.50 per 100m and your rower logs 14,000m on the day, you’ve donated $70. We will contact you at the email above after the event with payment options for your total.

Option 2: Make a flat donation now.

To make a flat donation via Paypal, click the button below, select MJC and put “Andrew Fairbank” in the notes box on the second page. Please make sure you do this so we know who to apply your donation to!