Emily DePinto

Help me make a difference in our community while becoming a better rower!

What is Row For Humanity?

Row for Humanity is a fundraiser put on by Kansas State Men’s Crew, Manhattan Junior Crew, and the Manhattan Community Rowing Club on behalf of the Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity.

How does it work?

On Monday, February 17, our rowers will hold a “row-a-thon”! Each person will see how many meters they can row on a machine in one hour. Prior to the event, participants will gather donations from family, friends and neighbors. People can pledge a dollar amount per 100m rowed by their favorite rower, make a flat donation, or just come and watch this feat of endurance!

How is the money divided?

Our rowers donate at least 25% of the donations they raise to the Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity. The rest of our proceeds will offset the costs of Spring Break Training Camp held at Baylor University in Waco, TX, and/or the costs of spring competition travel.

Why you should support rowing!

Hi, my name is Emily DePinto, I am from Wichita, Kansas, and, for the last four years of my life, rowing has been a huge part of my life. I love rowing as a sport and for the people. Rowing people are the best people you will meet. The common love of the sport brings people together with a sense of self-improvement and helping others improve themselves. My teammates from Wichita helped me begin my journey of physical and personal confidence. But I can truly say, that coming to row at Manhattan is where I have grown and become stronger. I am truly thankful to be a part of a team and a sport that looks out for and cares for its own because that is a sign, to me at least, that you’re a part of something real. The Manhattan crew is a family that fosters amazing athletes that I am thankful to have joined and hope to continue to be involved with. I would really appreciate any support that you can give to help us achieve our goals for the future!

How to Help

To donate via Paypal, click the button below, select KSMC and put “Emily DePinto” in the notes box. Make sure you do this so we know who to apply your donation to.

Option 2: Erg-a-Thon Pledge

Most pledges are between $0.10 and $1.00 per 100m. Most rowers can pull between 12km and 16km in 1 hour. Example: $0.50 per 100m times 14km equals $70