Wesley Good

What is Row For Humanity

Row for Humanity is a fundraiser put on by Kansas State Men’s Crew and Manhattan Junior Crew in cooperation with Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity. The money raised goes to support both rowing teams and the Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity.

How Does It Work?

Each crew will hold an “erg-a-thon” at the end of February where each rower will erg for one hour. Prior to the event, participants will gather donations from family, friends and neighbors. What is an erg? An erg is an indoor rowing machine, a.k.a. an ergometer. It can measure distance and power exerted by the rower. It provides an opportunity to continue training when water time is not available.

How is the Money Divided?

The money that each participant raises contributes to the total for his/her team and Habitat for Humanity. Each team donates 25% of its earnings to the Habitat for Humanity. Rowers are using their funds to offset the cost of Spring Break Training Camp held in March at Baylor University in Waco, TX.

From Rower Name

I first learned to row with the Kansas State Men’s Crew when I was studying at K-State. I immediately found a home with the welcoming and passionate members of the team. Those four years helped shape who I am today. My teammates and coaches taught me how to develop into a stronger, more confident person.

After my time competing was over, I sought to continue the tradition by helping to coach the Manhattan Junior Crew, and then later the team I had rowed for, Kansas State Men’s Crew. I have spent the last 5 years striving to pass on the lessons and experiences I gained as a rower to the following classes of students.

Funds donated to my goal will be put toward the travel expenses of the current members of Kansas State Men’s Crew for the upcoming spring break trip in March and national championship trip in May.

How to Help

Erg-a-Thon Results: 13,460 meters

Its too late to pledge toward Wesley’s erg-a-thon, but you can still help him row this spring!

To donate via Paypal, click the button below, select KSMC and put “Wesley Good” in the notes box. Make sure you do this so we know who to apply your donation to.