Garric Nowlin

Help me make a difference in our community while becoming a better rower!

What is Row For Humanity?

Row for Humanity is a fundraiser put on by Kansas State Crew,Manhattan Junior Crew, and the Manhattan Community Rowing Club on behalf of the Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity.

How does it work?

On Saturday, May 8th, our rowers will hold a “row-a-thon”! Each person will see how many meters they can row on a machine in one hour. Prior to the event, participants will gather donations from family, friends and neighbors. People can pledge a dollar amount per 100m rowed by their favorite rower, make a flat donation, or just come and watch this feat of endurance!

How is the money divided?

Our rowers donate at least 25% of the donations they raise to the Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity. The rest of our proceeds will offset the costs of the Summer season and/or the costs of competition travel.

Why you should support rowing!

Rowing is a fun activity that gets people in great shape. Being out on the water is refreshing, and the wind is always blowing nicely. The exercise is pretty intense, but it’s also a great way to get stronger. There’s also some races during the seasons, and they’re likely to fully pick back up after the pandemic is over. As I haven’t been to a race yet, I’m very excited to go to one this season.

We also have ergs, which are the rowing equivalent of pelotons and treadmills. They’re very hard, and we use them during the winter season while the lake is too cold. My goal for rowing this season is to go to my first race and do well, even if the weather conditions aren’t ideal. In addition, 25% of donations go to the Manhattan Area Habitat For Humanity, who build houses for people who need homes.

How to Help

To donate via Paypal, click the button below, select MJC and put “Garric Nowlin” in the notes box. Make sure you do this so we know who to apply your donation to.