Owen Propp

Help me make a difference in our community while becoming a better rower!

Why you should support me

Over the three years I have been rowing, it has given me strength, both mentally and physically. I have more determination and a more positive mindset. Overall rowing has changed my life for the better.

This spring season, my goal is to make it to nationals in my quad. We have a shot and need every advantage we can get. The funds from this fundraiser will help me and my teammates go on the spring break trip, which will greatly improve our skill over the ten extra practices we will have. The practice we get will give us an edge over the boats at regionals. The left over funds will help on our trip to nationals. Thank you for all your help.

How to Participate

To make a donation via Paypal, debit, or credit card, click the button below, and follow these instructions:

  1. on the first page, enter the amount you’d like to give
  2. underneath your donation amount, please select “MJC” from the drop down menu labeled “use this donation for…”
  3. on the second page, click “+ write a note (optional)” and type “Owen Propp” in the text box so I’ll get your support!
  4. in addition to my name, enter the number of meters you think the whole team will row during our “hour of power” on March 1–the person who guesses the closest gets a prize!